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Office Level (Version 2.5x)

Version Two of the WSIB System Navigator is centered around relieving the tedious task of filling in the forms required by the WSIB. This version offers the following advantages:

Quick and easy filling out of the forms.
Sections are presented in the same fashion as the WSIB Forms.  This familiarity reduces the learning curve dramatically.

Automatic creation of professional looking addendum sheets.  
Provide all the information in a single document. Removes the constraint of attempting to squeeze all the information into impossible space.  Allows unlimited input of information by the user.

Take the guess work out of filling out the forms.  
The "What's Missing" button tells the user where information is needed.  The system informs you if the Form is complete based on the WSIB Policy manual requirements.  No more incomplete forms or additional request from the Board for mandatory information.

Full printer support.  
Access all the printers available to your computer, not just the window's default printer.

Fax capable.
Fax the form instantly from the computer with this system.

Store all claim information on line.
Retrieve any form to review contents, list claims and employees who have filed claims to the Board.

The system remembers Company and Employee information.  
Removes the need to fill out the same information twice.  No more double keying.

Password protection.
Restricts access to the data, or if your system is already secure - turn it off and not be bothered by it.

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