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Multi-User Login and Privileges Level.
The WSIB System Navigator has been designed to function as either a Single User program, or as a Multi-User System.

The difference between these two is delineated by the users. The WSIB System Navigator defaults to a Single User system when the program is first installed. The program will automatically switch to a Multi-User System with the addition of at least one other user.

The Multi-User System was designed for installations that have more than one licence for the program. With the Multi-User System each user has a unique logon identity. Single User setup requires no additional input from the user. Setting up a Multi-User system requires the inclusion of additional users through the System Maintenance Screen. Each user in the Multi-User system is assigned a User Privilege Level.

Each user has a unique User's Profile assigned.

The profile denotes the user's name, title, phone, password, signature and privilege level.

There are three levels of privileges that can be assigned to a user:

  • Administrator
  • User
  • View Only (can not add, edit or delete data)

This allows the program to share key portions of the work cycle while maintaining the security of the system.

Intuitive Ease of Use
The program allows for the use of multiple signatures by each user dependant on the owner releasing their permission to use their signature.  The information entered into the program can be viewed without the worry of data being changed or deleted by specified users.


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