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Why should you choose Working Bytes software?
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Ease of Use:
Working Bytes Inc. has the philosophy that software should be easy to use.  If a software program is hard to understand, it is not due to the user's level of computer literacy, it is due to poor programming. 

Most software suffers from bad planning and design.  There is no work flow analysis or thought to how the user is going to use the program.  The simple matter is, the more the user requires training or the more times they have to access the user's manual, the poorer the design of the program.

The WSIB System Navigator is designed to be an intuitive, point and shoot program that the user can use 'right out of the box'.  There is no question of 'where do I go to do this?' or 'how do I get to that part?'  From the Main Switchboard, straight through to the data entry and printouts, all the features of the WSIB System Navigator are presented right on the screen.  There are no 'hidden buttons' or archaic multi-level toolbars to memorize.

Irregardless of the level of computer literacy, our users have never had difficulty understanding the WSIB System Navigator.

The way Working Bytes achieved this level of ease of use is by mimicking an environment that the user is already familiar with.  The data entry screens look exactly like the paper forms the user is used to.  Unlike other systems that force the user to guess where and on what screen the information should be placed, the Navigator presents the input screens as duplicates of the paper forms they are used to seeing.  The output is not formatted in some ad-hoc method that was the easiest to throw together. The printouts (from the Forms themselves to all the Cost Statements) look identical to the WSIB hard copies.  If a user is already familiar with one environment, why make them learn a new one.

Good program design means easy to use software.



Unique Functionality not found in other products:
What really makes the WSIB System Navigator stand out from the competition are the extra features unique to this program alone. (I know, that's bad grammar, but we're trying to make a point...)

Some of the features that are unique to the WSIB System Navigator that can not be found in any of our competitor's products:

  • Graphic Injury Description Builder
  • Spell Checker
  • Electronic Signature / Fax approved by the Board
  • Claim Tracking according to the WSIB Policy Manual
  • Live Table updates (without the need to go to a specific screen)
  • What's Missing Button (for WSIB Compliance)

Please go to the individual screens for more information on these functions.



Questions you should ask the competition:
1.)When is the last time your company released an upgrade that contained a major increase in functions and utilities?

- Working Bytes releases a major upgrade on an average of every 8 to 12 months.  These upgrades always increase the functionality of the program by introducing changes suggested by our customers to improve the work flow of the software.

2.)What is your level of support? How hard is it to contact a real live person who has the answers to my questions.

-Most of our competitors have a one to three day lag between initial contact and a live person answering their calls.  Some of our competitors provide support only through email. Working Bytes always has one of the developers on the other end of the phone.  Contact is instantaneous, with most questions being resolved immediately.

3.)What computer language is your software written in?  What development tools are used?

-Working Bytes utilizes the latest release of development tools to build our products.  The foundation of our product is Microsoft C++ and Visual Basic, with an MS Access backend for the data repository and report outputs.  One of our competitors still actually uses COBOL (see ancient languages, right next to Sanskrit!) for their product.  Our software is optimized for the 32 bit environment represented by Windows XP.  We are even preparing for the not so distant future when the new 64 bit operating systems are released.

4.)How customer driven are you?  When is the last time one of your customer's suggestions was included in an upgrade?

-Release 3.44 contained a Modified Work Plan utility that was directly suggested by one of our customers.  We worked closely with this customer to develop a utility that would be beneficial to all of our customer base.  Release 2.45 contained an improved Claim Overview screen that included increased report capability.  Release 3.45 contained a totally rewritten and redesigned report writer based on many comments and suggestions from our users.

-Working Bytes is continually improving and upgrading the WSIB System Navigator.  It is through this evolutionary process that we can continue to provide great software that just keeps getting better.

5.)What percentage of the price (or how much in dollars) I am paying directly or indirectly for your software for sales commissions or marketing costs?

-Working Bytes does not have a 'sales staff'.  All sales and purchases are made directly through our head office.  This is how Working Bytes Inc. keeps the cost to the consumer so low.  Working Bytes Inc. does not need to aggressively market our product line.  The majority of our sales are through word of mouth from our satisfied customer base.



Consistent (Error Free) Environment:
Working Bytes Inc. is proud of the level of support we provide to our customers.  Our software is extensively tested, both in house, and through our Beta sites before the code is released.  Our code has a failure rate of less than .01, which is well above the industry standard. We are also proud of the fact that in over eight years, there have been less than a handful of problems that took longer than 24 hours to solve.  In most cases, a fix is either provided over the phone instantly, or a solution is emailed directly to the user with the fix.



Customer Driven Updates and Upgrades:
Unlike our competitors, Working Bytes is continually improving the software. Since the release of the first version of the WSIB System Navigator we have released an upgrade on average every ten (10) months.

Most of these upgrades are customer driven, based on suggestions we receive from current users.  Recent examples of these improvements are the Spell Checker, extending the software to include all incidents, and the inclusion of the electronic signature.

Working Bytes will continue to improve the software, providing a leading edge solution to our customers.



Even if all other factors were even, the cost difference alone of our software makes the WSIB System Navigator the best choice.

Our product costs one third (1/3) to ONE TENTH (1/10) of what our competitors charge.  This would be a good price if our software was equal to theirs.  Take into account all the factors already mentioned above, and this makes the WSIB System Navigator a GREAT deal.

One way that Working Bytes keeps costs down is that we do not have to pay a salesman a commission.  Why should our customers pay up to forty percent (40%) for the salesman?  We believe that the user should only pay for what they use.

Another reason is that all of our programming staff work on a contractual basis.  This provides them with the freedom to make their own schedules.  It also translates to a savings to our customer because we don't have to pad the cost of our software with the overhead of maintaining a large office staff.

The general rule of thumb when pricing software is to charge what the market will bear.  Like most rules, Working Bytes does not believe in that one either.  We feel that our customers should pay for what a product costs, not for how much we can 'soak out of you'.  We firmly believe that we will succeed by providing a superior product at a fair price.


Free Demonstration Disk
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