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Electronic Data Transmission (EDT)...

Sending the Form 7 electronically.
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) allows the sending of the information found on a Form 7 through the internet from the WSIB System Navigator directly to the Board. This information is sent electronically directly from the software.

This is known as Electronic Data Transmission (or EDT for short) and involves the sending of data in a specified file format.

It is important to keep in mind that this is different from sending a copy of the actual form to the Board. An exact copy of the paper document is sent when a Form 7 is transmitted by FAX or by Email. What is received at the Board in when using FAX or Email is a duplicate of the Form 7 that is identical down to the spacing and the lines.


With EDT only data is sent and received. The software will send information like the worker's name, incident date and health care professional, etc. Only the complete data is sent, not a copy of the form itself.

The user does not have to print out a copy of the form to send to the Board. 

The data on the Form 7 is sent immediately.

The user receives an instant acknowledgment from the Board with a tracking number.  No more uncertainty about if or when the Board received the information.

Claim Processing is enhanced based on the Board's ability to handle the input of the data  in an electronic format.

Ease of Use.
As with all features of the Working Bytes WSIB System Navigator, the EDT function is as simple as pressing a couple of buttons.  There is no steep learning curve, no new skill sets.  Just fill out a Form 7 as normal, then select the EDT button as output instead of print.

(click on image to enlarge)

This screen allows the user to send the completed Form 7 to the Board.  The software checks the data to make sure it is complete and in the correct format.  The user does not have to be concerned with any additional requirements, the software manages all aspects of the transfer.

More Information...
Setting up for EDT is simple (relatively) and the WSIB is extremely helpful in the process.

For more information on the EDT and the sign up process click on the following links on the WSIB website.

INTRODUCTION TO EDT (Business to Business Form 7)

WELCOME EMPLOYERS (to the EDT process)

FREQUENTLY ASK QUESTIONS (eServices for Employers)

The Board is ready to answer any questions and concerns you may have, and will make the process as smooth as possible. 

Once the initial sign up is complete, the user can proceed to send Form 7 data instantly and easily from the software.

We have meet with the Board personnel involved with this and they have ensured us they will help with this process in any way they can (and they are very nice and approachable too!).

- Basically, this is really a neat function (we are obviously very proud of this) and users have responded very positive to it.


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