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Data Entry Forms.
One of the key factors that makes the WSIB System Navigator Simple, and easy to use is the method of Data Entry of the information into the system.

Unlike other programs that require the user to learn their order and method of filling in information, the Navigator displays the screens used to fill out the WSIB forms in the same order and placement as in the actual paper forms provided by the WSIB.


This removes the need to 'learn' a new system.  The user is presented with the information in exactly the same format as on the paper forms.  This reduces the learning curve by maintaining a familiar environment for the user.

There is even a 'Years of Experience' calculator built in to ensure this field is filled in correctly based on the start date of current occupation and not the worker's hire date.

Intuitive Use
All the Data Entry Forms in the WSIB System Navigator are set up exactly like the paper forms provided by the Board.

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